News 2022



January 24, 2022, Our article titled “Applicability of coherent X-ray diffractive imaging to ferroelectric, ferromagnetic and phase change materials” is published in the Journal of applied physics. 131, 040901 (2022);   and also selected as Editors pick. Congrats Xiaowen!!

November 21, 2021, Prof. Fohtung publishes a book chapter in the Encyclopedia of smart materials titled “Magnetostriction Fundamentals” by ScienceDirect. 

July 13, 2021, Our article titled “Imaging defects in vanadium(iii) oxide nanocrystals using Bragg coherent diffractive imaging” is published in the Royal Society of Chemistry, CrystEngComm, 2021,23, 6239-6244 and also selected as front cover article. Congrats Zach!

January 1, 2021, Our article titled “Multi-wavelength phase retrieval for coherent diffractive imaging” was published in Optics Letters.

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