Group members

PI: Prof. Edwin Fohtung                  

 PhD., Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg, Germany (2010).
Associate Professor, Materials Science & Engineering

  •     LANSCE Professor at Los Alamos National Laboratory;
  •     Rosen Scholar at Los Alamos National Laboratory (2014-2015);
  •     Guest Scientist,  Los Alamos National Laboratory.


— Rensselaer Contact —– |

Department of Materials Science and Engineering, 
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
110 8th St, MRC 213, Troy, NY, 12180
Google voice: 858-367-9264; Office phone: 518-276-3363

Curriculum Vitae (available upon request!!)


Post-Doctoral Researcher      ______________________________________________________

 Xiaowen Shi

Master of Philosophy, University of Cambridge
Doctor of philosophy, University College London

Field and Research Interests:

  • Condensed matter physics using coherent X-ray diffraction imaging for studying single crystalline nanostructure, complex oxides, semiconductors and magnetic materials.



PhD graduate Students      ______________________________________________________

 Elijah Schold
BSc Physics, NMSU,


Field and Research Interests:

  • Coherent scattering and imaging from nanostructures using photons




Zach Barringer

ZachBSc Material Science, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor


Field and Research Interests:

  • Three dimensional probing of Phase Change materials for energy conversion, harvesting and storage using coherent X-ray scattering

Undergraduate Students


Chris Metcalfe
Field and Research Interests:

  • Modelling coherent diffraction patterns of complex domain structures
  • A.I. Defect recognition in coherent imaging



  • Dr. Richard Mbatang (PhD, Physics 2018), currently, INTEL Portland
  • Samuel Raoul Djiani (Msc, Computer Science major): 2015-2017
  • Hannah Rich (Msc Physics, 2018)

Past Group Members

•    Erandi Wijerathna (Ph.D. student, 2014-2016), currently at NMSUElectrical Engineering
•    Joop Hendricks (Exchange Student, University of Groningen): 09/2015- 07/2016
•    Queenie Fortaleza (Civil Engineering major): 2014-2016.
•    Douglas Brown (Physics major): 2013-2016
•    Cameron Radesovich (Phys & Engineering major): 2014-2016
•    Martin Burkardt (Las Cruces High school): 2014-2015