Group members

Principal Investigator


Edwin Fohtung, Dr.

Dr. Edwin Fohtung received his Ph.D. degree (Dr. rer. nat, Summa Cum Laude) in 2010 in the field of Applied Physics and Materials Science from the University of Freiburg in Germany and both his B.Sc (2005) and M.Sc (2010) in Applied Physics from Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University in Russia. Dr. Fohtung joined the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute as an associate professor with tenure in 09/2019. Before this appointment, Dr. Fohtung held a joint appointment as an associate professor of physics at New Mexico State University, and the LANSCE Professor at Los Alamos of physics at Los Alamos National Laboratory from 09/2013 to 08/2019. Dr. Fohtung was a postdoctoral research fellow in physics at the University of California at San Diego from 11/2011 to 08/2013.

— Rensselaer Contact —– |

Department of Materials Science and Engineering,
Materials Research Center, R213
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
110 8th St, MRC 213, Troy, NY, 12180
Google voice: 858-367-9264; Office phone: 518-276-3363

Curriculum Vitae (available upon request!!)


Post-Doctoral Researcher     

 Dr. Xiaowen Shi

Master of Philosophy, University of Cambridge
Doctor of Philosophy, University College London

Field and Research Interests:

Condensed matter physics using coherent X-ray diffraction imaging for studying single crystalline nanostructure, complex oxides, semiconductors and magnetic materials.


PhD, graduate Students    

 Elijah Schold
B.Sc. Physics, New Mexico State Univ. Las Cruces,


Field and Research Interests: Study of crystal and electronic structure using Coherent scattering techniques with photons.



Julie Barringer

ZachB.Sc., Material Science, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor


Field and Research Interests:  Three dimensional probing of phase Change materials for energy conversion, harvesting and storage using photons and neutrons


Nimish Nazikar 

B.Tech., Metallurgy and Material Science,College of Engineering, Pune, India.


Field and Research Interests: Three dimensional probing of phase Change materials using photons and neutrons


Skye Williams 

B.S., Physics, 2019, Stony Brook University, USA


Field and Research Interests: probing structure and dynamics in 2D electronic materials.


Undergraduate Students

Kweku Ninsin 
Field and Research Interests:

Modeling coherent diffraction patterns of complex domain structures.

A.I. Defect recognition in coherent imaging




Mengyao Wen 
Field and Research Interests:

Structure of glass using photons, electrons and neutrons.



Ryan McLaughlins 

Undergraduate Research Assistant


Field and Research Interests: developing and implementing state of the art coherent x-ray scattering techniques such as x-ray photon correlation spectroscopy and diffractive imaging to interrogate structure and dynamics from the atomic and spanning the mesoscale.


Yuyang Zhao

Undergraduate Research Assistant


Field and Research Interests: the development of new algorithms for coherent diffractive imaging and analyzing electronic dynamics using x-ray photon correlation spectroscopy.



James Funaro

Undergraduate Research Assistant


Field and Research Interests: Particle accelerator and collider technology as well as furthering the development of detectors to study collisions of particles in a more comprehensive way.




  • Dr. Richard Mbatang (PhD, Physics 2018), currently, INTEL Portland
  • Samuel Raoul Djiani (Msc, Computer Science major): 2015-2017
  • Hannah Rich (Msc Physics, 2018)

Past Group Members

•    Erandi Wijerathna (Ph.D. student, 2014-2016), currently at NMSUElectrical Engineering
•    Joop Hendricks (Exchange Student, University of Groningen): 09/2015- 07/2016
•    Queenie Fortaleza (Civil Engineering major): 2014-2016.
•    Douglas Brown (Physics major): 2013-2016
•    Cameron Radesovich (Phys & Engineering major): 2014-2016
•    Martin Burkardt (Las Cruces High school): 2014-2015